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Mountain lion

There are several reasons I am interested in mountain lion. I am interested in the mountain lion’s problems. Why do lions have problems in environment? Mountain lions are chosen as an environment problem topic, because their population had faced their extinction. They had likelihood that they would disappear in this world like the do-do. People have killed a lot of mountain lions since the past because of protection for our life and game, and for their exploitation. Then, we noticed that we could not find their shapes in Missouri, Illinois and so on. Therefore, we have to control their behavior. In Missouri, they stipulated a law that mountain lion can not be killed unless it has killed people and livestock (Etling, 2004). Now, people could confirm them in Missouri. However, despite the fact that we do not hope for their extinction, mountain lions have decreased lessen their population because of traffic accidents and attacking people.
People and mountain lion have to coexist, because people are living in the same place with mountain lion and do not have to kill them in order to keep their population. For that reason, people should use their technology for our coexistente.
My main arguments are as follows. Mountain lion population had faced their extinction in the USA. Now, their population is a bit increasing, but we are still killed them. Their extinction problem is very serious. We have to think of their population before we kill them. I think most people may not know that mountain lion population is low and had faced their extinction in the USA. American people can notice their population. Most mountain lions live in the west and in Florida state (Etling, 2004). In the Midwest, such as Missouri and Illinois, and eastern areas, people seldom see them. In the past, mountain lions were designated harmful animals by Congress, because they are dangerous. They can kill people and livestock. In order to develop an area, people found mountain lions were an obstacle. I think that mountain lion was a native American. Persecutor was people rather than mountain lion. Victim was mountain lion, and I think they did not need to kill mountain lion that faced their population’s crisis. People ought to stop hunting mountain lion, and could notice mountain lion population even if they did not have high technology, because we could not watch their shape. I think a few mountain lions are not so dangerous. Recently, their population is increasing.
People’s territory and mountain lion territory are becoming close. People are gradually extending their territory. On the other hand, mountain lion territory is gradually becoming smaller. Mountain lion habitat is losing now. And they are losing their food too. Their hunting area is gradually becoming narrow too. Prey population, food for them, is also decreasing. Prey are losing their habitat because of people’s development. Therefore, they go to city to find food or chance. Livestock or some kind of food in the city can be easy for them to get. Then, when mountain lions attack people or livestock, mountain lions are killed by people. This is so stupid. People robbed their territory and food, but people kill them. I cannot say do not kill mountain lions that attack people or livestock. However, I cannot say this is correct. Mountain lion has a small number of animals. Also mountain lion is a game animal. In a specific season, they are hunted under the law. This is a stupid thing. I think this is a murder game because hunting mountain lion is just for fun. In fact, their population has been revived by people, but they are a few yet. From the beginning, hunting for fun has been foolish. I cannot understand hunters who know about the mountain lion population.
I think the law is best of ways for protecting mountain lion. Some states made laws for mountain lion. In spite of attacking people, mountain lions are not killed by people and livestock in Missouri. This is a protection law for mountain lions in Missouri. I think this is so late. In Missouri, mountain lion population is already decreasing. If people want to keep this law, they cannot watch mountain lions. This is a natural thing that we have to keep a law. This law ought to be enacted before they face their extinction. However, outlaws are shooting mountain lion. I think the government has to clamp down on outlaws. Anyway, all people should keep this law. (Etling, 2004) I think Illinois’s law does not have strong force. It says that hunter who does not have permission to shoot mountain lion cannot legally kill them (Etling, 2004). This meaning, people who have permission can kill mountain lion. I get that hunters can kill every time under the legal. I agree Missouri’s law, because it fixes the reasons and these can kill them.
I suggest people can make fences beside the road. People can make protective area for wildlife, or we should extend their habitat. We can bring back areas to wild life. Now, without killing mountain lion, mountain lions die by people’s action. One reason is traffic accidents (Hettena, 2004). People have advanced mountain lion, at result, mountain lion territory was becoming narrow. Their territory may have human roads in it. Despite protecting mountain lion, using the law and not wanting to kill them, they die because of people. I think this is not meaning means that we do not protect mountain lion. In fact, the cause is traffic accidents. We can say this is negligence, but this is also our responsibility.
People must not repeat animal’s extinction. I think people should know about extinct animals which are killed by people, because this thinking may put to many species, and think that people face danger about their life because of disorganization of ecosystem if one species disappear in the world. Some animal extinction animals are not caused by humans. However, some of them die due not indirect influence of human’s action. We learnt already that we do not kill animals for our desire, but we are repeating animal extinction despite what we underwent in the past. For some extinct animals, such as the do-do, people do not even have an ideal what they looked like. People cannot revive them. In the future, people may be can do, but I do not think so. When one species disappeared in this earth, the ecosystem may be broken down, and other animals will be influenced by this result. Someday, the next victim may be human. People who live in North America can think about mountain lion. They are a few, and eastern mountain lions, which are a kind of mountain lion, have disappeared in North America. So, people do not have to lose other mountain lions, which is one of the native American animals. If mountain lion disappears, the North American ecosystem may change. And a new victim will appear there.
Such people should know mountain lion’s population and their behavior. And people can think and learn about how people can coexist with them. People who live in the USA have to live in the same place with them. I know mountain lion is dangerous. I understand hunters who understand the mountain lion population and do not want to kill mountain lion (Hettena, 2004). Sometimes, a hunter has to kill them when the mountain lion attacks people or livestock. I think this is a dilemma. Some people cannot understand that people can coexist with mountain lion. They judge just that mountain lion is dangerous. This is not a good thing. This thinking cuts down mountain lion’s population. If these people understand their behavior and habit, I think people can avoid the hazard to mountain lion. Therefore, understanding in linked to coexistence.
We should use our big technology for them. It is easy and safe to protect mountain lions using our technology rather than people trying to attempt for mountain lion. Technology can make several measures that are so though. Using our technology can manage them. For example, we can support their life such as their breeding in a zoo. I think it is not a good way, because they are wildlife. They should not be managed their life by people. In the future, they have to live in the wild. However, this is the safest action. Or we can pursue them and put GPS on their body. GPS, that is kind of device, can check where someone is in there. By this action, we can know where mountain lion live in the USA. We can infer their behavior and know their population. If we know their population, we can manage them to easy and understanding their life can connect to expect their behavior, and we can think of countermeasure against mountain lion easily. However, I think we can do it without using technology. It is easy and simple, first action. In fact, we just return their area to them. However, now, we cannot do it. We cannot abandon our comfortable life. If so, we have to use our high technology even if that takes high cost. We should not take care about cost. By high technology, people can plan to something for mountain lion’s good and manage properly them.
Why do we need to coexist with mountain lion and other species? All species look like one piece of puzzle in the earth. If one piece disappeared, other pieces also will disappear. All species connect with ecosystem. For our good life, we need coexistence and people attempt to use high technology. Actually, animals and fishes, insects cannot use high technology, and people broke some environment. Therefore people have to do this action.


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reserch proposal

Mountain Lion

There are several reasons I am interested in mountain lion. First, I like animals. Especially, I love lion. Lion is king of animals, that aspect is beautiful, and they have strong power. Second, I had a question about what mountain lion is. Commonly, an animal which is called lion lives in Africa and the zoo, but lions live in the USA too. I was surprised by this fact. The Mountain lion is a different species from lion, which is called king of animals. What shape does mountain lion have? What is a mountain lion? I have something on the mountain lion’s chest. Therefore, I am interested in this topic. Third, I am interested in the mountain lion’s problems. Why do lions have problems in environment? Why were mountain lions chosen an environment problem topic? I thought they might hold some important problems. Some animals have faced their extinction due to people such as ibis, and some animals disappeared in this world, such as do-do, and the Japanese wolf. Extinct animals can not come back in this world. People who are not god hunted them for their desire. Now, we are controlling their behavior. I think this is our responsibility. People did not have claim to animals. This is my fourth reason. Finally, I feel badly that animals are killed by people. I expected this topic may concern some vice of people. People kill animals for some kind of reasons. For example, they were attacked by dangerous animals, so they kill them to protect their life. And sea animals died be cause of oil tankers being ground. We have some reasons, anyway, which are for killing.
I plan to write this paper with a focus on coexistent between mountain lion and people. First, mountain lion population had faced their extinction because of people. Now. Their population is still a few. We have to protect their population and their life. Therefore, we need to think what should we do. They are dangerous animals. This is one reason that people kill mountain lion. We can protect to use law mountain lion. People have to necessary keep low. So, we can protect them. Now, our territory is extending. Therefore, mountain lion is losing their habitant, or their habitant and our habitant is being closer. Mountain lion go to city, then they are died by traffic accident or people shooting. We should be stopped this accident. We can make their new habitant and return their original habitant. Second, we should think from extinct animals that we killed in the past. People had killed so many animals, and some animals were being their extinction. People understand this sin is so heavy. They can not revival in this earth. Therefore, we can think we do not have to repeat this stupid sin. However, some people do not know and understand this sin. People have to know that extinction is so heavy worst thing. And, People realize that people is repeater if mountain lion extinct in the earth. People can think all of things. We can no repeat in the earth. Therefore, we need to know extinct meaning. Final, People have to live with mountain lion, because people and mountain lion live in the same place. Sometimes, people who do not want to kill mountain lion have to kill them under the law if mountain lion attack people or livestock. We should think why they attack people and livestock, and why they came there. If people know their behavior, I think that people can protect them. We can make several ways for mountain lion. Therefore, people need to know mountain lion. In addition, we have big technology. We should use for them. We can control their population. Using technology can protect them. I think that people have to use, because reason that mountain lion population are decreasing cause people.
I have found a variety of articles that are on websites in Lexis-Nexis. And I have found books that are in the library. I intend to find some problems and so on.

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Air pollution

According to this article, the nation`s largest cement plant was permitted to build on the banks of the Mississippi River. Because of a five-year effort, that plant could be built in Ste. Genevieve Country, 40 miles south of St.Louis. A spokeswoman was pleased because that building could start to be built. However, environmental groups started two lawsuits. The plant had more jobs and support from many local politicians and senators. An environmental group spoke against the amount of smog-forming nitrogen oxide emission allowed under the permit. Air pollution can make disease and break the ozone. Ted Heisel, who is executive director of the Missouri Coalition, said that the permit has to become strict and we have to return the clean air. The Missouri Department of Natural Resources needed to limit to reduce the emission of nitrogen oxides; nevertheless the technology needed to use bad material. Holcim can make an effort to reduce the nitrogen oxide emissions and requires seven years to test . Selective catalytic could take away a large percent of nitrogen oxide from the air and this way is the best method. In Germany, this way has been used. Kira Moore, who is permit section chief for the Missouri air pollution control program, said the department did not think it could be done. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency was against it too. Moore said the department did not want to use that technology because it would make a problem in the winter. A spokesman said they did not stop their plan. Under the permit, the air would become worse because of the company. The permit should cut operations almost in half in the summer. However Tully said, the emission limits are not going to change. This problem will carry over to the next generation.
Environmental problems can be found everywhere. Especially big countries have many problems and they influence other countries too. My country, Japan, has big problems. There are air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, and so on. I think that the cause is from the 1970s. They did not know about or think about pollution because they thought about just their recovery from the second war, and they did not have high technology. Therefore, many pollution diseases occurred. Many people died from that pollution.
Air pollution can not be seen. However, we can expect it to happen. Now, I think people work in a way that will make us extinct. We notice this, but we can not stop moving. We can not stop cars moving. Cars make carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide can increase temperature. Ice from the Antarctic is melted by high temperature. As a result, the sea level rises, then many cities sink into the sea. It is only one example of extinction.
We have to think carefully about pollution. We should not stickle about the permit. I think it will be too late when ice from the Antarctic melts. Keeping to the close point of the permit is not obeying. I can not understand it. I think we are just postponing solving our pollution problems. We have been entrusted with our environment;; we should be able to entrust it to people live in future.

Shipley, S. (2004, June 9). Cerent plant gets air permit. St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Retrieved from Lexis-Nexis database on August 28, 2004.

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Introduce us to some music song, perform link to it, tell us little about it

I will introduce one of the most famous Japanese composers. Last year, one Japanese animation movie won an academy animation prize. This movie’s name is “Spirited Away”. This movie has good contents. Also the music is very good. This composer is Jyo Hisaishi. He made the Nagano Paralympics main song, music for other movies by GHIBLI, the movie company that made “Spirited away” and other movies song. His music is very good. I wonder why they could not get the Academy main song prize. (Undoubtedly, Lord of the ring music is good). His music is based on Japanese traditional music. In Japan, his GHIBLI music is very famous. All of the Japanese people may know his music. This Autumn, GHIBLI is going to release new movie called “Howl’s Moving Castle”. I am waiting to see this movie and to listen to its music.

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Hi! Computer. You are very busy everyday. I think people can not live if you do not exist. People need your existence. I need your existence too. I can connect everybody to through you. I am livening in USA, now. I can talk to Japanese people by your power. Every day, I thank you. In addition, you have many factors. I use your factor. I can do homework about writing in my house. I can listen to music, and I can play games. You have many great factors. When I began to look for you, I wanted VAIO from SONY, not you (my P is FMV from Fuji tu). I wanted famous PC. VAIO is very nice looking. But, you had same qualities as VAIO, and you were cheaper than VAIO. I was weishing which I should buy. But, I chose you, because you were cheap and having nice qualities. You do not have strong brand name, but your style is also very good. However, you were expensive too. I lose a lot of money by you, but I have no regret that I bought you. I can not spend one day without you. Electric dictionary, computer, and MD are my three best machines. Now, you are losing near thing to dictionary. I am sorry.

Summary response 2

Coexistence is difficult

According to this article, the American Indians called the mountain lion “the ghost of the Rockies.” Big cats, live mountain lions, do not fascinate with urban areas and do not have interest in eating domestic animals. Three years ago, very expensive which are Global Positioning System collars were given to 20 lions in San Diego County’s Cuyamaca Rancho State Park. According to these collar signals, mountain lions go through the highway. Ken Logan, who is one of the researchers on the study and an author, was surprised at the mountain lion’s adaptability. A cyclist was killed by a mountain lion and soon, another cyclist was badly injured. Predators, such as the mountain lion commonly avoid people according to the University California-Davis, but sometimes they do not. Part of the next month, a canyon in Tucson was closed. The UC Davis wants to know why mountain lions can not feel the fear of people. In California, so many mountain lions were killed for people who they had scared them. Walter Boyce, who is director of the UC Davis wildlife Health Center and lead researcher, said this is a better way to defend people from lions. In Cuyamaca Rancho, they could find sleeping lions from nearby places. One male lion had gone through many times on the highway and Interstate 8, then he was killed by a car. Lt. Bob Turner, who has killed many mountain lions, does not believe that people should kill a cougar if the cougar ate domestic animals. F-8, who is a female mountain lion, was caught because she ate an alpaca. However, this alpaca breeder turned her free. Turner said, half of the lions would not have been killed if people were not at fault. According to Doug Updike, who is a biologist, people would die from lion every day if lions wanted to eat and catch people. Å@
Mountain lion is dangerous. I had not known the mountain lions have killing ability. In Japan, we do not have a wild big cat. We have just wild cat. They can not kill people, because they are small. And my country does not have many wild animals who have killing ability. I think that the only wildlife who has killing ability in Japan are bears, vipers and zoo animals. Sometimes, bears go to town. They go down the mountain which they live on, because they can not find their foods in the mountain. People cut down trees, and people stain the brook. Therefore they lose their foods. Town has field, garbage, and livestock. They can get their food easily. From time to time, people meet bears. Bears attack people. Sometimes, people are killed, and bear is killed too.
I think wild animals have kept the iron laws of nature. They are eating natural things; however, people break the forest. Then, the chain of foods is broken too. Herbivores can eat some nuts and berries. Herbivores die of hunger. Predators can not catch herbivores because there are not any herbivore. Therefore, they go to the city to find food for their living. Sometimes, herbivores even go to the city to find food too. Originally, the reason for wild animals going to the city, is the people may have caused it.
That animal which is in danger of extermination by dying in a traffic accident is ridiculous. The person who killed mountain lion for people said people are stupid. I was impressed by those words. He killed the lion to guard people’s safety, but he contradicted this behavior. I think he did not want to kill them. We can have a way that we do not need to kill dangerous animals. We have good technology, so we can use it for their protection and our protection. We should understand their behavior. We should think of way to coexist.
I think people are breaking the laws of nature. Animals which do not have a sin are killed in many ways by people, but most people do not kill them, although people commit sin. Is this the law of nature? I do not think so. Is this the law of the jungle? I do not know which is correct. We can not choose for our life. Now people have chosen a comfortable life. A comfortable life includes some sacrifice. People are finding out about this.

Heltena,S (2004, April 4). Technology Reveals Mountain Lion Details. . Ascribe Network retrieved from Lexis-Nexis database on September 2, 2004.

Summary response

Survived mountain lion and cougar

According to this article, cougars we were cared, re killed in 1927 in Missouri, and in 1864 in Illinois. Therefore, for a long time, mountain lions or cougars could not show themselves. Now we can see them, but they overcame their extinction. Eastern cougars have lived in only Florida, but cougars had many problems between stockmen and them. Stockmen controlled animals to exist and breed. Hunters limited their hunting. Therefore the cougar population increased. According to Maurice Hornocker, who is the dean of cougar researchers, the cougar population now is more than at any time in history. Today wildlife management techniques include modern farm practice. Dave Hamilton, who is with the Missouri Department of Conservation, said he had checked seven mountain lion in Missouri. A young male cougar was killed in Missouri. In Iowa, they did not establish a law which is against killing mountain lion; therefore, three mountain lion were killed. In Illinois, hunters who do not have permission can not shoot them. In Illinois, only one cougar is checked. Clay Nielsen, who is a wildlife ecologist for SIUC, said a cougar was run over by a train near Menard Penitentiary in Randolph County. Arkansas wildlife officials said, this state is not inhabited by wild cougars. According to one record, their cougars became pets, but DNA evidence was different. Florida panthers are identical to other North American cougars. Now, young male cougars are migrating north. They are expelled from their units by their mothers. In this area, the dominant male will kill any young male, so he went out. Unfortunately, this male died in Oklahoma. We do not need the cougar to return to our ecosystem. Cougar is carnivorous but they seldom attack people. Erik Wenum, who is a cougar specialist with the Montana Division of Fish, said they can not be found. If cougars return, other animals will be more powerful than cougars.
I did not know about the mountain lion. I had understood about the lion who lives in Africa, but this is different. Why are they killed? Did they do some wrong? I think they are just dangerous. Danger is not a good thing, but human is dangerous too. Now, mountain lions or cougars may be able to count their population. It is very big news. They do not have fellows. This cause is people. In other cases, some animals were eradicated by people, or some animals were reduced in their population. I know extinct animals, for example Japanese wolf, dodo, and so on. Did they attack people? I think sometime they attacked people, especially an animal who has strong power. However, the dodo is a bird. I think they are so much weaker than humans. People hunted animal in order to get part of the animal bodies like skin or feathers. It was just desire. Why did people think about extinction? Why do people notice only after they made their mistake?
I like animals. Therefore, as I know that wildlife animals are killed by someone, I feel so sad. I can not understand why people have power to manage other animals. Does human have strong power? In nature, it has the law of the jungle. Stronger is winner in nature. That law is common everywhere.
I heard the earth has a life cycle. All of species live in this cycle. Therefore one species has its own role. But, by hunting and pollution, some animals are extinct. Then, the life cycle is starting to tumble. If the life cycle is broken, all species balance becomes broken. For example, a species population increases, or is reduced. Therefore another animal population is changing too. The food chain may be changed. And one kind of animal or plant, species is extinct.
People should know that people are going toward destruction in the earth. If people have strong power, people do not have to become an extinct spicies. We killed many kinds of life. Therefore we have to manage the balance of life on the earth. It is for all life, although it is for us.

Etling, K. (2004, August 7). Cougars are making comeback in region. St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Retrieved from Lexis-Nexis database on August 31, 2004.

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Princes Kaguya Japanese folk story

A long time ago, an older husband and wife lived on a Japanese mountain. They were poor. They did not have their own child. One day, the husband went to mountain to get firewood. This mountain had a bamboo grove. He noticed that one bamboo shoot was brightening. He went there, and he cut that bamboo. One small girl was in the bamboo. He was very surprised, the he took her out to his house. His wife was surprised too. However, she was pleased. Then, they decided they would bring up this small girl in their house. After so many years, this small girl grew up to be a very beautiful girl. This pair became rich, because they could find gold bamboo some days in the bamboo grove. People who rich man made proposals to her. She said I can marry someone if you grant my demands. Those demands were difficult, such as going to get crystal of dragon or get gold coral, and so on. However, they could not get it. Kaguya knew that they could not do it. Therefore, she asked them. Her Old parents were getting relief. The Mikada, who is king of Japan, made a proposal to her. She could not refuse his offer, so her parents were made sad. But, she said to her parents, “ I have to go back to the Moon. I am an inhabitant of the moon.” The parents were very surprised. They did not want to her to go back to he moon. They asked Mikada she was not went back moon. The day that she was to go back to the moon came. She said to her parents “Thank you for your kindness, and that I could be brought up by you. I will go back to the moon tonight. Tonight, the moon messenger will come here”. Her parents said, “please do not go back!”. However, Kaguya said “ I am sorry. I can not do it”. That night, her messenger came to her house, and took her in a carriage. The carriage flews in the sky. Mikado and his followers released arrows to the carriage, but the arrows could not go to the carriage. Kaguya said “ thank you so much, and good bye’. Mikado and her parents saw that.

My name is dale

Hi! my name is dale. I will up my folk tale.